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What experiences have lead you to develop this business?

Throughout a twenty five year career in the retail business managing and buying for such operations as Ward Bros. a woman's specialty store, World Traders a retailer of international goods and Stan Lourie Furs a full line fur and leather goods shop, I enjoyed a hobby of buying and studying antiques.

That interest brought me to antique shops, auctions, antique shows and flea markets across the country and occasionally abroad. I felt the experience I'd gained in retail management and my passion for antiques could be combined to serve the needs of people downsizing their homes or for family members disposing of their loved one's personal property.

What I discovered was the work of breaking up a home was an ominous task for many people and filled with emotion. Many people found themselves so overwhelmed they did not know where to begin. What they desired was someone they could trust, with experience, contacts and a willingness to assist them throughout the entire process.

With that knowledge a business was launched. Today Stan Lourie Enterprises provides the entire range of services required to liquidate the contents of a home.




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